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Abruzzo Wool ecotech Line

The particular structure of the garments, made with a process that allows to use them in "dual-layer", and the natural waterproofing qualities of lanolin (water repellent natural content in the untreated wool) makes the garments themselves WeatherProof, suitable for technical use too.

 The excellent properties as hydrothermal regulator held by natural wool ensure a high comfort even under heavy use conditions.

Natural wool is "alive" and if worn in contact with your skin or with other natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp it preserves its thermal characteristics.

Hat Description

Pom Pom Hat  ecoTech - Ground

The main features of this hat are the customization and versatility.

The PomPom, available separately in different colors has been designed with a "button" system that allows you to change it with simplicity and fun.

The versatility of the hat is rather given by its "smurf" shape if you will not do any cuff but at the same time you can turn it into a cap, in fact the length of the hat allows you to turn up externally, but also internally, for half its length by changing model and increasing its basic characteristics WeatherProof.

This hat was made to obtain the maximum WeatherProof performances, in fact, the possibility to wear it in a "dual layer" way prevents the passage of air and of course water and snow. The natural wool also makes it impermeable to water.

The model is very wearable and versatile suitable for all ages, from young to adult. It wears softly and be worn in different ways also making a flap and turning it into cap.

Washing: It is advisable to wash the item once made with wool detergent (Marseille soap), avoiding sudden changes in water temperature and avoiding violent rubbing that could damage fibers getting them felted. Lay the garment on a towel placed on the drying rack in horizontal, away from radiators and direct sunlight possibly at air “shaping" it, giving it again with hands the original form thus avoiding stretching it once dried.

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Pom Pom Hat ecoTech - Ground Color

  • 40.00€

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