• Gift Basket "2&4 Plies" - Sole -

Gift Basket "2&4 Plies" - Sole - :

A beautiful gift basket containing 8 skeins of Abruzzo Wool Sole 100% in different thicknesses (4x2/4000 and 4x4 / 4000) and a pair of knitting needles # 6 and 1 crochet hook # 10 that you can use with both titles to get narrower or wider, and soft tissues.

This basket allows everyone to know and experience the Abruzzo Wool with two different thicknesses of yarn and with two different tools, crochet hook and knitting needles, getting different processes to different techniques.

The amount of wool contained in the basket allow the creation of small jobs, hats, gloves, collars but also larger, scarves, shawls, baby covers, stoles. They can also be combined with each other in titles and techniques to accomplish any job, male or female, and especially children.

Titles and thicknesses:

2/4000 – 100 gr.= 200 m.

4/4000 – 100 gr.= 100 m.

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Gift Basket "2&4 Plies" - Sole -

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